About Us

Most consultants recommend a solution and leave you on your own…

  • We analyze your situation, create a strategic solution, implement it and remain accountable for the results.
  • We not only recommend – we implement.
  • We accomplish things business owners never have time to do.
  • We turn “We need to do that someday.” into done.

SoluGroup accelerates profit by providing expertise, strategic planning, and coaching for results. Stephen works with businesses, and service professionals, to improve performance and develop new business.


We assess your situation and design a plan specifically for your business.


Our plans set realistic, obtainable goals, step by step…. They produce additional profit quickly.

Enhance Performance

The worst plan is the one that never gets executed. We will help you get it done.

Create Results

Continuous Improvement Process. Track and measure the outcome of your activities so you always improve.

Make more. Work less.

Are you too busy with your profession to effectively market and grow your business?

What would work/ life balance look like for you?

Is your business running you?

We empower owner goals. We can help you make more, and work less.

Profit Acceleration

We look for unrealized opportunities to ramp up sales. Rapid ROI leads the way.

What’s in it for you?

More profit. Growth. Peace of mind. Saving money. Customer satisfaction. Better employees. Avoiding problems. Clear goals. More executive manpower to get things done.

Sometimes a good coach is all you need to get on your way… Get Unstuck. Move Forward.