I can say, without hesitation, that Steve Swan, along with his support staff at SoluGroup, have made a tremendous difference in the revitalization of my law practice. Steve has been very adept at utilizing his very impressive interpersonal skills to help us solve a variety of thorny personnel issues, including searching for new hires, interviews of new hires, and termination of ‘problem’ employees. In addition, he has brought his formidable business and marketing experience to help our firm enhance profitability and efficiency in a relatively short period of time. Most importantly, I value his sound advice and ability to help me see through the ‘clutter’ to remain engaged in the issues that matter most to my business. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a business or marketing consultant to any company.

Joseph A Miller, Esq.
Accidental Injury Advocates, Ltd.
Having been in medical practice for over 30 years, I didn’t really think that there was a lot I could learn about marketing and improving my practice. Steve’s coaching helped me to see the access to increasing quality referrals, and regaining my own sense of what I was in business for.

Keith Berger, MD
Center for Health & Cancer Screening
What I have most enjoyed about the time I have spent with Stephen Swan is his ability to "Think Big Picture" once he has helped you gather all the details. He has an uncanny knack for asking the right questions that lead to free flowing discussion and an overall better understanding of the current and future situation.

Bill Dittmar, President/ Founder
Executive Lifestyle Magazine
Stephen Swan is a hard worker, and an even better listener and transformative coach.

John Munford, President
Riggins Company
Steve Swan is a business savvy consultant who impresses the heck out of me. I hired Steve to help me with my business, and I have two new revenue streams to thank him for in addition to some other goodies.

John-Jay Greenspan, Owner
Tidewater Technology Solutions
Stephen is an engaging, deeply insightful thinker who listens to his conversational partners and audience with sharp focus and genuine interest in what’s being discussed.  The material he presents is always thought provoking, often with implications that affect a wider perspective than the topic at hand. For anyone seeking mental stimulation, a push to do better than just “making do” or getting yourself out of being comfortably uncomfortable, I highly recommend being in a live group or one-on-one session with Stephen.

Wolf Smith-Butz, IT Program Managerfalse